How do I resolve account issues?

Please call us at 248-432-2681 or send us a message through our Contact Us page.

How do I pay my Bill?

Inside your Auction Strikes control panel, there is an "Account Balance" tab at the bottom of the Main Menu. This page will display a detailed breakdown of your account billing along with recent payments. At the bottom of this page is a Pay with Paypal link, or the address to send a check to.

What is a workspace?

A workspace is used to store your inventory, photos, and data for each auction that you run. They can be reused as much as you would like. You may store this week's auction on Workspace 1, and next week's auction on Workspace 2, and the following week's auction on Workspace 3. But you can also use Workspace 1 to do each auction, however, you must clear all the data each week in order to do that, assuming you no longer need the data anymore or have perhaps stored it offline on your computer. If you have 4 weeks worth of auctions and want to set them up to end each week and would like to get them set up in 1 sitting rather than reusing 1 workspace each week, you will need 4 workspaces to do this and set them up right away in 1 sitting.

How do I adding additional workspaces?

All new Auction Strikes clients may start with 1 free workspace for up to 14 days or you may sign up immediately or before the 14 days has elapsed. You can upgrade your workspaces at any time by emailing us through our Contact Us page or by changing your subscription to our services through PayPal.